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Single? Try ello.ie! Whether you want to find someone who shares the same values as yourself, maybe you’re interested in meeting new people, making new friends or you’re someone who enjoys living life in the moment. Whatever the reason maybe, you can find your suitable match on ello.ie.

Swipe – Match – Chat – Meet – Ello. Experience the simplicity with Ello.ie – When you find someone interesting and you would like to know more about them simply swipe their photo to the right to show your interest.

To pass someone that you are not interested in simply swipe their photo to the opposite direction (onto the left). When someone you liked likes you back, we call that a mutual match!

Once you two match don’t wait. Make your move, be the first one to break the ice. Some of the best yet meaningful conversations start with a simple ‘Ello!’ Let’s see if you have a real chemistry, take your chances, meet up in person and experience something wonderful together.

Give it a go! Swipe to the right, you have nothing to lose. The more flexible you are the more options you get, the better your life becomes.

Let’s get the party started!





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